Girls and Women on the Autism Spectrum Conference

Gianna Knowles, Associate Professor, London South Bank University 
Nicola Martin, Professor, London South Bank University 
Holly Maby, Autistic MA student
Paula Sanchez, Autistic PHD student


 The majority of people diagnosed with being on the autism spectrum is male dominated.
However, we all know women and girls who are autistic, but do not get official diagnosis. As a
society and in particular educationalist working with girls in schools are we doing all we can to
ensure girls and women with autism have equal support and resources to ensure excellent life
chances in the future in comparison to their male counterparts.

This conference will bring together experts in this field – researchers, practitioners, and autistic
women themselves – to explore these issues, share their most recent findings, and give tips
on the latest best practice.

Who should attend:

• Anyone who works with women and girls on the autistic spectrum
• Anyone who is interested in this topic
• Parents

Topics that will be covered:

• Autism for teachers-considering gender
• ‘How I experienced education’ (autistic MA student)
• ‘Autism, gender and parenting’ (autistic PHD student)
• Autism research focusing on the sensory environment in schools with a focus on girls.
• Exercises in empathy. ‘Why does x do that and how can I support them’ with a focus on girls (an opportunity to talk about your own context)



£65.00 (Discount available for parents and people diagnosed with autism)
9.30am-3.45pm (9.00-9.30am arrival & registration)
Aurora House, 22 Kennington Park Gardens, London, SE11 4AX