New Headteacher and Heads of School Induction Programme

This programme targets those with the greatest leadership potential in our schools. The focus is on improving leadership capacity, developing potential for leadership and engaging with different levels of system leadership across the Local Authority and beyond.


Benefits of the programme

This programme will develop the skills needed in effective leaders so that they:


  • aims to give an essential introduction to the key departments and officers with the Local Authority

  • enhance their current practice and have a direct impact on their school in leading teaching and learning and raising standards
  • are confident in working collaboratively with others in school and across schools in the Local Authority and beyond
  • are able in time to be highly effective school leaders and Head teachers






18/09/19 , 2/10/19, 13/11/19, 11/12/19, 08/01/19, 05/02/19, 04/03/19, 01/04/19, 01/07/19


9.00- 10.30 (18th September only)

12.30-2.00pm (all other sessions) 


Aurora House, 22 Kennington Park Gardens, London SE11 4AX