Teacher Training for GCSE/A Level Portuguese & Spanish

King's College London in collaboration with Lambeth Teaching Schools' Alliance


Teacher Subject Specialism Training: Secondary Modern Foreign Languages (TSST:MFL)  - Saturday 5 sessions.


Course Objectives

  • To familiarise oneself with the new GCSE/A level structure, content and assessment pattern
  • To familiarise oneself with cutting-edge theories and practice in Second Language
  • Acquisition with a focus on the Task-Based Approach
  • To refresh and consolidate language competence and skills in Portuguese & Spanish
  • To reflect on the target language grammatical and lexical structures to be taught as part of the GCSE/A level programme
  • To be taught by experienced tutors in Secondary and HE education
  • To share ideas and practice with colleagues in a friendly and supportive environment
  • To experience some innovative teaching methodologies and reflect on one’s own learning and teaching experience
  • To develop strategies to support students through their language learning experience and  formative assessment
  • Online teaching strategies; exploring online teaching platforms & tools
  • Designing materials for online class delivery, focusing on creating a virtual learning community
  • Language digital pedagogy as part of the IT session
  • To obtain a CPD as part of the training course


Course Content & Structure

Morning session

Delivered in English and will comprise a theoretical reflection, with practical examples, on some key  aspects of the new GCSE and A level programme, with a focus on the four language skills, on using translation as a teaching tool and on the use and design of authentic teaching material based on the Task-Based Approach to language teaching and learning (15hrs).

Afternoon session

Will expand the content presented in the morning with practical Portuguese & Spanish GCSE and A Level examples based on the Task-Based Approach, with the possibility to share ideas and teaching  material and to do some micro-teaching sessions (15hrs).


Participants Requirements 

Participants will be asked to work on a project based on the design of some teaching material following the principles of the Task-based-Approach and on a reflective eportfolio
in support of their learning and teaching experience.

Participants will also be offered the possibility to observe classes in schools and at the MLC/KCL, to reflect on their learning process and to share their experience within the
group and on the e-portfolio.


Eligible Participants

  • Teachers not currently teaching MFL with post A level MFL qualifications
  • Teachers not currently teaching MFL who have good A level qualifications
  • Teachers not teaching MFL who are native/ near native speakers
  • Non-specialist teachers currently teaching MFL in addition to their specialist subject
  • Specialist MFL teachers who are not currently teaching MFL and who need refresher training to enable a move back to an MFL role
  • Specialist MFL teachers who have the capacity to teach a new language in addition to their language specialism
  • Teachers who are looking to return to the profession
  • Overseas trained teachers


Participants will obtain a CPD Certificate with 70% attendance + the completion of a teaching project. Participants might choose to attend only the
morning pedagogical sessions and obtain a CPD certificate with 70% attendance of the morning sessions and with the completion of a teaching project.



The course is free for Secondary MFL qualified teachers in place or planning to return to work. The Department of Education is funding the course with the support of the LTSA and delivered by the MLC.


16/01/21, 30/01/21, 06/02/21, 27/02/21


TOTAL NUMBER OF HOURS:  5 sessions x 6 hours per session = 30 hours


All sessions take place on a Saturday via online platform

TIME 9.00am-4.00pm